Interface Setup

Accessing and operating the PMX through embedded Web site (LAN interface)

You can configure the LAN interface settings in detail on embedded Web site via a Web browser on your PC.

The Web site's URL is defined by adding "http://" in front of the PMX's IP address.

You can enter the URL directly in the address bar of your Web browser. To confirm the IP address to be used for the URL, view the CONFIG settings (CF35 to CF38).

Parameter number Display Description
CF35 0 to 255 Display the 1st number of the IP address
CF36 0 to 255 Display the 2nd number of the IP address
CF37 0 to 255 Display the 3rd number of the IP address
CF38 0 to 255 Display the 4th number of the IP address

(Example) When the IP address is

When VISA library is used, there is the function to retrieve the VXI-11 measuring instrument by the application program provided by VISA vendors (National Instruments NI-MAX, Agilent Connection Expert, and Kikusui KI-VISA Instrument Explorer, etc.). You can access the PMX by clicking on the Web link from the retrieval results.

The following browsers are applied.

Internet Explorer 8.0 or later

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or later

Google Chrome 5.0 or later

Safari 5.1 or later

Welcome page

When you open embedded Web site, the Welcome page will be always displayed first.

The instrument information, network information, and VISA resource (I/O resource) information are displayed on the Welcome page.

Clicking "Turn ON Identify" causes the LAN LED on the PMX series front panel display to indicate a "Web Identify (blinking green)" state. This enables you to determine which PMX series is being controlled through the LAN interface.

Click the navigation menu to move to the other page.


Remote Control page

You can set and control voltage, current, and output settings; view measured values; configure the protection feature.


LAN Config page

Config page for the network settings.

Click "Modify" Now to assign the IP address, set the host name, and so on.

If you set the host name, you can use it in place of the IP address to access the LAN interface.

After you enter the settings, click "Apply" to apply the settings.


Status page

This page shows the OSS license information.


Security page

This page is for the security setting.

This page can allow you to set the change of the password protection.

The password protection is an effective security features to the Web site. It prevents from being changed inadvertently. The password can be used for any alphanumeric characters, the hyphen, and the underscore.