Status Monitoring

The PMX incorporates two mandatory SCPI standard registers, STATus:OPERation and STATus:QUEStionable, as well as the IEEE488.2 standard registers.

Register basics

All SCPI registers have standard event/filter architecture, employing CONDition, EVENt, ENABle, and optionally PTRansition and NTRansition. CONDition and EVENt are read-only registers working as status indicators, and ENABle, PTRansition and NTRansition are read-write registers working as event and summary filters.


The STATus:OPERation register records events or signals that occur during normal operation.

For example, to check if the PMX is being regulated in CV state, check the CV bit (bit 8) on the STATus:OPERation register.

:STATus:OPERation?    'Check whether the CV bit is set


The STATus:QUEStionable register records events or signals that indicate abnormal operation.

To check if the protection function is working, check the OV bit (bit 0) on the STATus: QUEStionable register.

:STATus:QUEStionable?    'Check whether the OV bit is set