Sets the voltage

When the PMX is set so that constant voltage is controlled externally (VOLT:EXT:SOUR is set to VOLT or RES), settings performed by this command are invalid.


[SOURce:]VOLTage[:LEVel][:IMMediate][:AMPLitude] {<numeric>|MINimum|MAXimum}

[SOURce:]VOLTage[:LEVel][:IMMediate][:AMPLitude]? [{MINimum|MAXimum}]


Value A value in the range of 0 to 105 % of the rated output voltage (the default value is 0 V)
Unit V
A SCPI error (-222, "Data out of range") occurs if outside the range.

For the setting that is applied when *RST is sent, see this table.


Returns the voltage setting in NR3 format in response to VOLT?.