Command (Function)

System Configuration

Output settings

OUTP:PON Output status at power-on

Remote control settings

SYST:ERR:TRAC Sets whether to display or hide communication errors

Memory settings

MEM:REC:CONF Sets whether to confirm the current and voltage values when recalling the preset memory via front panel

Panel operation lock mode settings

SYST:KLOC:MODE Sets the lock mode of the panel operations

PMX status

SYST:CONF:STAR:PRI Sets the output-on startup state

External control settings

CURR:EXT:SOUR Sets the CC control mode setting
VOLT:EXT:SOUR Sets the CV control mode setting
OUTP:EXT Sets whether to turn the output on and off using triggers
OUTP:EXT:LOG Sets the logic to turn the output on and off using an external contact