Regurated DC Power Supply PWX series

Communication Interface Manual



Interface Setup


A device driver supporting USB T&M Class (USBTMC) is required to control the PWX through the USB interface. The USBTMC driver is automatically installed by the VISA library.

By changing the legacy language and emulation settings, you can execute existing programs that were written for other instruments. Normally, select the SCPI language and turn emulation off (these are the factory default settings).

USB connection

Use a standard USB cable to connect the PWX to the computer.

USB configuration

1.    In the CONFIG settings, set the emulation (CF22).

Normally, use the default value (CF22: nonE).

2.    Restart the PWX.

Service request

The PWX is equipped with service request and serial polling functions.

USB function

Complies with USB Specification 2.0

Complies with USBTMC Specification 1.0 and USBTMC-USB488 Specification 1.0

Data rate: 480 Mbps maximum (High speed)

VID (Vender ID)


PID (Product ID)

750W model: 0x1025

1500W model: 0x1024




Overview of Messages

Command (function search)

Command (ABC search)

Command (Sub-system search)




Multi channel (VMCB)

Command for DCS

Regurated DC Power SUpplyRegurated DC Power Supply PWX Series
Communication Interface Manual