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QUEStionable:INSTrument:ISUMmary<n> subregister

This is the subregister of bit <n> of the QUEStionable:INSTrument subregister. This is a 16-bit register that stores information related to the status of and the questionable events that occur during operation of the PWX whose channel you specified.

Use <n> to specify the channel number.

For example, channel 2 is specified as "QUES:INST:ISUM2".

The QUEStionable status register bits may indicate that there are problems with the PWX's measured data.


Bit Bit weight Bit name Description
0 1 OV (OVP) Overvoltage protection has been activated
1 2 OC (OCP) Overcurrent protection has been activated
2 4 PF (AC) Low AC input protection has been activated
3 8 Not Used --
4 16 OHP (OHP) Overheat protection has been activated
5 32 SD Shut down
6 64 OT2(OHP2) Overheat protection2 has been activated
7 128 SENS Incorrect sensing connection protection has been activated
8 256 FAN Fan failure protection has been activated
9 512 INH Output turned off through external control; OUTP command inhibit status
10 1024 UNR Not operating in CV mode or CC mode (power limitation has been activated)
11 2048 I2C I2C communication error
12 4096 OV2 (OVP2) Overvoltage protection (120 % of the rated voltage) has been activated
13 8192 INSTrument Summary --
14 16384 WDOG Communication monitor has been activated
15 32768 Not Used Always zero



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Communication Interface Manual