Regurated DC Power Supply PWX series

Communication Interface Manual



The settings are not changed even when a trigger is sent.

Is the sequence in the WTG (Waiting for Trigger) state?

To change the setting using a trigger, set the trigger source to BUS and send the INIT command to set the sequence in the WTG state.



If a trigger is sent in the WTG state, setting changes.


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The panel display is abnormal.

Are you communicating via LAN using the HiSLIP or SCPI-RAW protocol?

Using the HiSLIP or SCPI-RAW protocol may slow down the panel display updating. Even if this is the case, communication is operating normally.

If the delay is a concern, wait about 1 ms before sending the next command.




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Multi channel (VMCB)

Command for DCS

Regurated DC Power SUpplyRegurated DC Power Supply PWX Series
Communication Interface Manual