Regurated DC Power Supply PWX series

Communication Interface Manual


Command (Subsystem)

STATus Subsystem

STATus:OPERation OPERation status register: Event
STATus:OPERation:CONDtion OPERation status register: Register status
STATus:OPERation:ENABle OPERation status register: Enable
STATus:OPERation:PTRansition OPERation status register: Negative transition
STATus:OPERation:NTRansition OPERation status register: Positive transition
STATus:QUESionable QUEStionable status register: Event
STATus:QUESionable:CONDtion QUEStionable status register: Register status
STATus:QUESionable:ENABle QUEStionable status register: Enable
STATus:QUESionable:PTRansition QUEStionable status register: Negative transition
STATus:QUESionable:NTRansition QUEStionable status register: Positive transition
STATus:PRESet Resets the enable register




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Regurated DC Power SUpplyRegurated DC Power Supply PWX Series
Communication Interface Manual