Regurated DC Power Supply PWX series

Communication Interface Manual


Command (Subsystem)

SYSTem Subsystem

SYST:COMM:EMUL Sets the emulation
SYST:COMM:LANG Sets the command language
SYST:COMM:RLST Sets the PWX to remote mode or local mode
SYST:CONF:BLE Turns the bleeder on and off
SYST:CONF:MAST Queries the number of units in master-slave parallel operation
SYST:CONF:MON:RANG Sets the range for voltage and current monitoring
SYST:CONF:PROT:REC Sets the method for clearing OHP, FAN, AC-FAIL, and SD alarms
SYST:CONF:SLAV:AMM Sets the current and power display on slave units
SYST:CONF:STAR:PRI Sets the output-on startup state
SYST:ERR Reads the error information
SYST:ERR:TRAC Sets whether to display or hide communication errors
SYST:KLOC Locks and unlocks panel operations
SYST:LANG Sets the command language (old command)
SYST:LANG:EMUL Sets the emulation (old command)
SYST:LOC Sets the PWX to local mode
SYST:REM Sets the PWX to remote mode; locks all the panel keys except for the LOCAL key
SYST:RWL Sets the PWX to remote mode; locks panel operations
SYST:VERS Queries the SCPI specification version with which the PWX complies

DISPlay subsystem Subsystem

DISP:BRIG Sets the panel display brightness



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Regurated DC Power SUpplyRegurated DC Power Supply PWX Series
Communication Interface Manual