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Tips for Creating Test Conditions (Test Condition Editor)

Aborting sequence repetition and jumping to another sequence (jump function)

The Test Condition Editor has a function that aborts tests on the basis of a value during a repetition of a profile and jumps to a specified sequence.

The following test conditions will be used as an example to explain this feature.

In the repetition of sequence 1, when the battery voltage during CC discharge reaches the cutoff voltage, we will make the test jump to sequence 2.

Sequence number Profile number Charge/discharge setting Description
Repeat count: 500
1 CC Charge Charge up to the specified voltage.
2 CC Discharge Discharge down to the CC discharge capacity.
Repeat count: 1
1 CCCV Charge Charge for the specified CV time.
2 CC Discharge Discharge down to the specified voltage.

Set the repeat count of sequence 1 to 500 first, and then set the jump.

For the jump setting procedure, see the video.

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